Friday, September 23, 2011

Must Have Apps After Rooting Android

So you are done with rooting your Android safely. Next is the most important step. Because what's the use of rooting your Android if not installing awesome apps.

I'll give you a list of apps which every Rooted Android user must have.
The list goes like this.

  1. Titanium Backup : Backs up every app, appdata, system data on your SD card. You can restore all the data if something wrong happens to your device data. Must have App.
  2. ROM Manager : This app lets you install any custom ROM onto your device very easily. ROMs may vary from app packages, custom ROMs, kernel etc. 
  3. Juice Defender : This apps defends the juice flowing out of our battery. Chill guys. This is a battery conserving app. Must have as Android phone's battery wont last long. 
  4. Root Explorer : This app is like a file manager but it enters into the creepiest corners of your Android device using the root permissions. 
  5. Wireless Tether : This apps helps in creating a wifi or PAN from your device so that other devices can use your phones Internet connection as WIFI to access internet. Must have for hardcore networkers. 
  6. AdFree Android : The name itself explains the app. It blocks almost every ad while using Android whether it be while browsing or app ads. 
  7. CacheMate : This app helps in clearing the cache data on your device. Thus it helps in freeing up some memroy. 
  8. SetCPU : This app helps in setting custom clocking rate of your CPU. Recommended for advanced users.
These are the most important apps a rooted Android must have. Any changes will be updated. 

Check this space for updates. 

Happy Androiding.
The Artifex.


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