Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To Make Your Windows Look Like Mac - Just For Fun

Finally, I solved the puzzle. The post I found at MaherHacker was not at all clear to newbies. Some requested me to elaborate it. So I added some of my own stuff in this post to make the process easier.
Being frank guys, your PC won't exactly look like Mac. Nothing changes except few features like, mouse button, rocketdock, wallpaper, mouse click sounds. Try this out only for educational and fun purpose only.

And make sure guys you follow everything exactly as i say. You cannot regret after making a mistake. Because all you will be left with is a hard-drive with corrupted OS. Don't panic or worry guys, Computer Brahma is always to help you. Any help you need, do comment your question here. I will answer ASAP.

Here we go,

STEP- 1:
Download the MacFiles.Zip from here.
Extract all the files to somewhere in your hard-drive, a place where accessing the files will be easy like Desktop.

Open the Rocketdock folder and install it by double-clicking the file "RocketDock-v1.3.5.exe".
After installing it, there are two replacements that you have to do. Let me explain those.
1. Copy the folder "Stardocklet" from Rocketdock folder to "C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Docklets"
2. Copy the folder "Nabs osx leopard" from Rocketdock folder to "C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Skins"
3. Open "Nabs osx leopard" folder and copy "indicator.png"  to "C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Defaults\DefaultIndicator". Replace it. 
We are almost done.

This is the easiest step of all.
Download this extremely useful file called TakeOwnership from here.
Extract it to somewhere and double-click the InstallTakeOwnership.reg. It will ask you whether you want to add the values to registry or not. Click YES.
This is very important. If you don't do this step correctly, your windows will crash when you try to revert back to old Windows 7 look from Mac look.
So do the next step correctly.
GOTO--> "C:\Windows\System32" and find the file "uxtheme.dll". After you find it, right click and click the first option i.e "Take Ownership".
After you take ownership of the file rename "uxtheme.dll" to "uxtheme.old".
Now immediately copy the "uxtheme.dll" from the folder Apps (Downloaded MacFiles.zip in the beginning) to the system32 directory i.e "C:\Windows\System32".
What you have done here is you backed up the original "uxtheme.dll" as "uxtheme.old" and replaced it with patched version of "uxtheme.dll".

All that is left is installing the theme. You can do it by copying both "X" folder and "Leopard X.theme" from "Mac Theme for Windows" folder to "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes"
Double click on Leopard X to install your new theme. Hold on, it takes a while. Don't worry.

Now click on any empty space on the desktop and de-select "Show Desktop Icons" form the view menu.

Now open Rocketdock from Start.  Right click on the dock and set screen position to bottom. Right click again and open Dock Settings. Select the General tab on the right side and check "Run at start-up".

Thats it. You are done.
You have a Windows PC which looks like a MAC. Remember, it just looks like MAC.

If you don't like and want to get back the old Windows look, then right click on the desktop and click "Personalize" and set any of the Windows default themes.
Now go to "C:\Windows\System32", right-click on "uxtheme.dll" and click "Take Ownership". Now delete this file. Rename the file "uxtheme.old" to "uxtheme.dll"
Right click on the desktop and select "Show Desktop Icons" from view menu. And uninstall "Rocketdock" from control panel.

Done. You got back your old Windows look which is more awesome. :).
You need any help, contact me at mvpspl619@gmail.com.

This is just an experiment.


The Artifex.


You are awesome man. You can't hack this. You need to hack into blogger.com servers to hack this blog. If you hack into blogger.com then every blog stored in that server will be urself. you can do almost anything

I dont think its easy. You cant.

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