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How To Create Java Programs ? Steps To Start Off With Java

How To Create Java Programs ? Steps To Start Off With Java. How to Install Java Platform and Eclipse IDE

Are you a programming lover ?

Do you want to apply real time principles to create awesome programs applications for web or mobile or any other device ?

Then JAVA is the answer.

Java is the best available Object-Oriented Programming language ever created.
Ask any expert programmer what his favourite OOP language is, you will definitely hear Java back !
Java is that awesome.

In this tutorial I will just start you with installing the necessary pre-requisites to start writing excellent Java programs.
You will need some databases and development environments to speed create Java programs.

Let's get started!

Writing Java programs require you to have a Java Platform already installed on your PC.
This is just like Turbo C which you install to create C or C++ programs.
Technically speaking, you are installing Java compiler which runs and compiles the Java programs that you will create.
So installing Java Platform is a necessary and important step in creating awesome Java programs.

Oracle now owns everything that's related to Java which was previously owned by Sun microsystems.
We can get the Java Platform from the Oracle website itself.
Follow this link to download the required Java Platform for your operating system and workstation.

Windows 32-Bit Download Link
Windows 63-Bit Download Link
Other Platforms Link (Linux/Solaris)

After you have finished installing Java Platform, you can start writing Java Programs instantly. But as you don't have IDE i.e Integrated Development Environment.
This is just like a user interface to coding java programs. Without installing an IDE you will have to write programs in command prompt. There is a way of writing programs in command prompt. But I am not going to explain you about that because there is an awesome way of coding Java programs using IDE.

A very famous IDE for coding Java programs is Eclipse.
Eclipse is an IDE which uses the Java Platform at the back end and takes care about the coding and output at the front end.
There are a different versions of Eclipse available for different tasks. For example Eclipse for Developing JavaScripts, Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers etc. We use any one of the two from the download page which is given below.

Complete List of Eclipse IDEs

Download either Eclipse IDE for Java Developers or Eclipse Classic. Eclipse Classic is preferable because of its versatility. In the future if you want to code Android programs, Eclipse Classic is preferable.

Just download any of the either explained above.
After you finish installing Eclipse, start the application.
Now you have to create a Java Project inorder to go any further in coding Java programs. Every program must be located in a Java Project. So now create a Java Project as shown below.
That's it. You are ready to go. In the next step lets create a sample class in a Java Project named "Project" which is my project that I use to code Java Programs. You may or may not understand any further from here. I am just showing you how to create a class in Java. Later I will give you a link to a Java tutorials. Those tutorials will help you get started with coding real Java programs. Follow the image below to create a class.
Now follow this Youtube link right below to help you get started with Java programming.

Java Tutorials Complete
This is an awesome series of COMPLETE Java tutorials.

Happy Programming.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Create Multiple User Profiles In Google Chrome ?

How To Create Multiple User Profiles In Google Chrome ?

Each and every user of Google chrome or any other browser might have come across a situation where you have to log out for using another email id or a social networking account.

Trust me; This is one of the hectic job any internet-user has to do.

This Is Trouble No More. Google Chrome has a new feature called "USERS" in order to remove the fore-said problem.

You must install the latest version of Google Chrome in order to get this feature. Or you can simple update your existing Chrome to the latest version.

For updating your already installed chrome, just click on the wrench icon below the X button and select "About  Google Chrome". It will be updated automatically. Don't close this little window until it gets updated completely.

Coming to this new feature, it requires just a click to switch between different accounts or email addresses. 

How to Get This New Feature ?
After you get the new version of Chrome, click the Wrench icon right below the X button and select Options.

In the options menu, select "Personal Stuff". Or just copy and paste "chrome://settings/personal" into the browser and press enter.

You will see a new option named "Users" right below the "Sign in" option. They are the different users that you may set-up to access different accounts or email addresses. 
You can select pre-loaded images given there in order to differentiate between the users.
After you set-up the required users, all you have to is open the respective user and store your email id or social networking account credentials. 

Now you may wonder, "How do I switch between these users ?"
Don't worry. Just take a look at the TOP-LEFT corner of your chrome. 

Surprised ?

That is the image of the respective user that is currently active. 
To switch between users, all you have to do is just click on the image at the top-left corner of the browser and select the required user from the drop-down menu.
If you want to add a new user, you can do it from the drop-down itself.
It's That Simple.

For Any Queries, feel free to contact me. 

Happy Browsing.

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How To Access Facebook On Mobile Without Internet ?

How To Access Facebook On Mobile Without Internet ?

This tutorial shows you a new revolutionary way of accessing Facebook on your mobile phone without Internet connection.

Shocked ?

It is completely genuine. 
Facebook has recently tied up with Fonetwish and came up with this brilliant idea of accessing Facebook without Internet connection on your mobile phone.This feature is developed by U2opia mobile.

This is as simple as checking your mobile balance. People dial a number similar to *111# to get their mobile balance displayed in the screen. Accessing Facebook is as simple as that.
All you have to do is just dial *325# on your mobile phone. It then asks you to enter your Facebook email id, the email id you use to login into facebook. And after that you must enter your password in the next prompt.
Then you will be shown a menu. That menu includes
--> News Feed
--> Wall Posts
--> Notifications
--> Manage Friends
--> Update Status
--> Chat

You can even add friends on facebook by simply dialing *325*FRIEND'S PHONE NUMBER# to add friends instantly.

Please check out this video below to know more about Facebook Mobile (WITHOUT INTERNET).
Happy Facebooking.

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P.S: If it doesn't work on your service provider, please comment in the below section.

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