Sunday, September 4, 2011

How To Solve Computer Start-Up Problems ? Vol-1

Your Computer Won't Start ?

Don't worry, you can work it out.

Well, there are many reasons behind why a computer won't start normally. Sometimes we will be given clues, and sometimes don't. Some clues help us and some don't. Don't worry about the problem. Remember, "There is an answer for every question and There is a solution for every problem". I am here to help you out with your problem.
Coming to the problem, remember one thing first hand "Don't panic. Your files are probably safe in your hard disk(s)".

There are different kinds of problems stopping your computer to start properly. I am listing out only the most general ones and the ones I have come up with. You can chose which one suits you and find out why it occurred and also the solution to your problem. If your problem is not listed here please don't hesitate to mail me at [UPDATED].

Different symptoms you come across-----

Symptom :-- No lights,No sound, No fan ---- NO SIGN OF POWER even if you switch on your pc
Resolution :--
  1. First and most important, check whether the power button in front of the CPU is faulty.
  2. Check loose connections in your CPU. and try to re-seat every cable and connection that you come up with. This may help sometimes.
  3. Check for any damages cables and replace the same in your CPU. Damaged cables sometimes won't conduct electricity causing this problem.
  4. Don't forget to check whether everything is okay which the PSU (Power Supply Unit). Sometimes referred to as SMPS. Test for current conductivity with the help of a tester.
  5. And finally, if everything is okay with the above tests, there is a possibility that your motherboard is faulty. Check for any short-circuit marks on the motherboard and consult a PC repair technician.

Symptom :-- Only lights in CPU with a working fan, but NO DISPLAY IN MONITOR
  1. Check whether the power is supplied to Monitor or not.
  2. Check the display output cable from CPU to monitor. Replace the same if its faulty.
  3. Beep Codes. Sounds coming from CPU while the computer is starting. They help you find out exactly what your problem is. Click here to know more.
  4. The error could be a fluke. Turn off everything and restart again. This helps sometimes. :P
  5. Re-seat everything you come across in you CPU.
  6. Check for short circuits signs in your CPU.
  7. Last but not least, remove any unessential hardware from your PC and try starting your PC with only essential hardware like Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

Symptom :-- BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)It is most likely that BSOD errors are related to hardware or driver related problems. 
Resolution :--
  1. As this is mostly caused by a hardware or driver error, try starting your PC with only essential hardware.
  2. Start the PC using "Last Known Good Configuration" option in Advanced Boot Options screen. This can be accessed by pressing F9 when the PC is booting.
  3. Restore the Master Boot Record (MBR) from the command prompt. This can be done only by inserting Windows system disk and booting from it.
  4. Apply any pending updates or Service Pack upgrades to your Windows.

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