Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Access Facebook On Mobile Without Internet ?

How To Access Facebook On Mobile Without Internet ?

This tutorial shows you a new revolutionary way of accessing Facebook on your mobile phone without Internet connection.

Shocked ?

It is completely genuine. 
Facebook has recently tied up with Fonetwish and came up with this brilliant idea of accessing Facebook without Internet connection on your mobile phone.This feature is developed by U2opia mobile.

This is as simple as checking your mobile balance. People dial a number similar to *111# to get their mobile balance displayed in the screen. Accessing Facebook is as simple as that.
All you have to do is just dial *325# on your mobile phone. It then asks you to enter your Facebook email id, the email id you use to login into facebook. And after that you must enter your password in the next prompt.
Then you will be shown a menu. That menu includes
--> News Feed
--> Wall Posts
--> Notifications
--> Manage Friends
--> Update Status
--> Chat

You can even add friends on facebook by simply dialing *325*FRIEND'S PHONE NUMBER# to add friends instantly.

Please check out this video below to know more about Facebook Mobile (WITHOUT INTERNET).
Happy Facebooking.

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P.S: If it doesn't work on your service provider, please comment in the below section.

The Artifex.


it didnt work in my vodafone(postpaid) service provider

I am soo sorry dude. Even a friend of mine had the same problem with Vodafone. Users say they have no problem with Docomo and Other tata services and also Airtel. Vodafone users have another reason for switching to other service provider I guess ? ;)

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