Friday, September 9, 2011

How To Speed Up Your Computer ?

You come home from a hectic day and turn on your PC to change your mood. And then One, Two, Three, Four, ........ Fifty. You shout, "What the heck is wrong with it ?" and you give it a kick.

Slow running PC ?

No Problem! You Can Boost Its Speed By Reading This Simple Article.

Basically, your PC is fast. There is something which is not letting your PC use its full speed. This "Something" can be anything from the below list. So, let's get started.

Try out these simple methods to make your computer run faster.

1 ) Recommended Specifications:

First and foremost, make sure your computer's hardware specifications are meeting up with the minimum specifications of the OS you are running. 
You can find out your computer's hardware configuration by right-clicking on "My Computer" and selecting properties. 
Another way to find out your hardware properties is by typing "dxdiag" in RUN. This will show you details about your hardware and also DirectX properties.

2 ) Clean Your Desktop:

Too many files on your Desktop may slow down your Computer, because Desktop files are stores in C: drive. So the best option is to move your desktop files to some other drives. 

3 ) Uninstall Unused Programs:

Removing unused programs from your Computer will always work. If your computer has too many unused programs then they will slow down your computer as they take up some space in RAM and also in your hard-drive.
You can do this by selecting the following options.

Start-->Control Panel-->Programs-->Uninstall a program
It shows a list of installed programs in your computer. You can remove them one by one.

4 ) Free Up Disk Space:

  • If your hard-drives are full i.e if they have less free space, your computer runs slowly. Mainly the drive with your Windows installation (Usually C:) must not be full. You should free it up from time to time. Make sure you don't try to remove any system files. Delete any unwanted file or folders from all of your hard-drives.
  • Remove any temporary files or folders from your computer. You can open the Temp folder by typing "%temp%" (without quotes) in RUN. Once the Temp folder is open, delete everything.
  • Last but not the least, EMPTY THE RECYCLE BIN. Recycle bin uses disk space from the respective drives from where you have deleted the files. Empty the recycle bin from time-to-time.
5 ) Scan Windows System For Errors:

Errors in your hard-disk's memory locations slow down your Computer. Error checking the drives and fixing the errors from time to time is a best practice. You can access the Error-Check from the below given location.

Hard-Drive(C:, E:, F:, etc)-->Right-Click-->Properties-->Tools tab--> Error Checking

6 ) Scan for viruses spyware and adware:

Update your antivirus ( Computer Brahma Recommends Using Microsoft Security Essentials ) and perform a full system scan. If you find any virus, remove it using the anti-virus. If it doesn't remove the virus then i recommend you to look at my article Virus In Your PC ?

7 ) Adjust Visual Effects For Better Performance:

Set your display setting to high performance mode.Sometimes high-graphic settings may run your system low on memory causing it to run slow.

8 ) Remove Start-Up Programs:

Start-up programs are the ones that are directed to start automatically when you Windows starts. The running of start up programs slows down your computer.
You can find the start-up programs at he below given location in your hard-drive.
Go to the directory and delete all the shortcuts given there. 

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (For windows 7 )

9 ) Defragment Your Hard-Drive:
After doing everything given above if your system is still slow, then defragmentation is the final try. This process removes useless fragments of memory in your hard drive. It can help in speeding up your computer by increasing usable memory.
You can access Defragmentation menu from the below given location.
Hard-Drive(C:, E:, F:, etc)-->Right-Click-->Properties-->Tools tab--> Error Checking

hope this article helps you to speed up your computer.

The Artifex.


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