Friday, September 30, 2011

10 Must Have Apps for Windows 7

In this post I am gonna tell you the most useful and handy applications for Windows 7. 
 These apps make working with Windows 7 a breeze.

 1. Revo Uninstaller Pro
 Revo Uninstaller Pro is an awesome application from VS Revo Group. They charge you to download the full application. But the features provided by this one are simply awesome. Let me explain you briefly about all the features. To name, these are just a few.

  • Uninstaller : You can uninstall any installed application on your PC through this menu. What's special is that, it searches for all he left-over files and registry items of the uninstalled application and deletes them too. thus saving your space. 
  • AutoRun Manager : Through this menu you can see what applications or processes are starting when your PC starts and can remove them from being starting during system start. Thus saving your start-up time.
  • Junk Files Cleaner : This menu scans your system for any unwanted files and removes them at the click of a button. :)
  • Browsers Cleaner , Windows Cleaner, Microsoft Office cleaner : These menus clean the history from their respective fields like browsers or windows or MS Office.

 2. Google Chrome
The best browser that is ever released into the internet world. The features are very useful. And every thing is just very user friendly. 
The new tab is just awesome. It has the installed apps, recently closed websites and most visited ones too. It has the Bookmarks toolbar right there providing easy access to our important sites. 
Most other browsers crash sometimes, but Chrome rarely crashes. If it crashes then you need to upgrade your flash sometimes.
I bet this is the best browser one can get. Google always creates the BEST. 
Get it here

3. WinRAR
WinRAR is an archiver and multi-format opener tool. Using winRAR you can create zip files and rar files too. The best feature is that this can open wide range of file formats even .iso. This is just awesome. 
Every time I format my PC, winRAR is the first application I install. Get it here

4.VLC Media Player
The best media player one can find. The features are awesome. You don't really need a mouse to operate VLC player. Every function has its keyboard shortcuts. 
The 400% volume feature is my favorite one. Even though your audio is not good, you can get the best out of it by increasing the digital audio output to 400% in VLC. 
It outruns Windows Media Players in every possible way. Get it here.

5. Bit Torrent :
A torrent downloading application to download or share torrent files through peer-to-peer file sharing network. I don't really need to talk about this. Everyone knows better because who doesn't know about P2P in this tech world ? 

6. Microsoft Security Essentials
The simple and secure anti-virus program by Microsoft. The best in class. Has millions of users around the globe. The best part of MSE is that it is simple. And it integrates into windows updates. So you will find it very easy while updating the definitions of anti-virus.
I recommend everyone to replace their old anti-virus programs with Microsoft Security Essentials.

7. Notepad++
It is a replacement to the famous windows text editor NOTEPAD. This has so many nice features which are not found in Notepad.  IT is not only a text editor, it has multi-formats embedded into it. You can open multiple files in the same single window just like web browsing. This is 200times better than any other text editor available on the internet or I see it that way. 
Install it to try it. You can find it here.

8. EasyBCD (for Advanced Users)
It is only for advanced users. It is related to core windows programs like System Restore, Restoring MBR, etc. 

9. Picasa
Image editing and album making software from Google. It interacts with the online image storage system called Picasa Web Albums. You can edit simple images in Picasa. The best feature is the image viewing feature. Install this and open any image and you'll know what i mean. Find it here.

10. Tera Copy :
A replacement to file copying in Windows Explorer. You can copy multiple files and folders. This software pauses the second copy until the first copy or move finishes to speed up copying. You can even shut-down your PC after the copy or move finishes with just a click of a button. It maximizes the speed of copying by optimizing the PC performance. Must have app for any windows user. Download it from here.

These are only 10 applications that Computer Brahma recommends anyone installing in their PC.


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