Sunday, December 25, 2011

How To Setup a Virtual PC ?

In this how-to post, I am gonna tell you how to install a virtual PC in your computer.
Virtual PC is just like another new computer with its won operating systems. The only difference between a virtual PC and your computer is that virtual PC exists inside your computer. Your computer is a combination of hardware and software, but virtual PC is just software which behaves exactly like a fully functional computer.

There are a lot of virtual PC software on the internet. But the best ones are Microsoft Vitual PC and VMware Player.
I will be showing you how to install VMware player on your computer and I will show you how to setup a Windows 7 Virtual Machine.
1. VMware player. Click here to download
2. Windows 7 image. There are about hundreds of downloadable windows images over the internet. Choose as you like.

Double-click the downloaded VMware player installer.
Click Next in the windows that looks similar to the image shown below. 
Choose the destination folder to install the VMware Player. Default location will be in C drive. 
 If you have a working internet connection every time you log on, you can choose this option which will check for product updates every time you log on to your computer.
 This option enables an option which will automatic reports to VMware. This is perfectly safe. I would choose this option. 
 If you are thinking to use this software every now and then, you can place shortcuts automatically on the Desktop and Start menu by checking the respective fields.
 Click continue to start the installation of VMware player with your desired settings.
The setup requires you to restart your PC after completing the installation of VMware player.
This is how you install a VMware player or any other virtual pc software in your computer. It's that simple. In the next post I will show you how to install a Windows 7 Virtual Machine. 

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