Friday, December 23, 2011

How To Change Boot Device Priority ?

In any PC there is an option for setting the priority of boot device. In simpler words, you just tell the computer from which drive to load the OS from
Some computers have dual-boot or triple-boot in them. You can install two or three operating systems in a single PC in a single hard-drive or multiple hard-drives. 
When you have different operating systems in different hard-drives, then you will have to manually tell the computer from which hard-drive to load the operating system. This manually telling the computer must be done through the boot device priority menu. 
For some computers, BIOS has the option of selecting the boot device while booting-up.
And some for computers, you must go into the BIOS settings page and then change the boot device priority from there. 
How to open the boot menu ?
It is simple. While starting your computer you may have noticed that some texts appear to the bottom of your screen like "Press F12 for boot menu" or "Del to enter setup" etc. You just have to find out which button leads you where in your PC and enter the same when it is appropriate i.e when your computer starts. If you want to enter BIOS setup, then you must press the button which loads setup. For most computers, it is the Delete button.

--> After opening the BIOS menu, it looks something like this. You'll have a boot menu as indicated in the right side image. 

--> Open the BIOS menu and you can see a menu which says "FIRST BOOT DEVICE" , "SECOND BOOT DEVICE" etc. All that you have to do is just change the priority of the boot devices in the list provided. That is if you want your USB drive (for booting from USB) to be your first boot device, then open the First Boot Device option and select REMOVABLE DRIVES . 

That's all ! You are done with setting up the boot priority for your computer. For more help, visit the Contact Me page or Comment below.FACING TROUBLES STARTING YOUR COMPUTER ? SEE THIS The Artifex.


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